About Us

Breaking The Barriers is a newly created non-profit organization formed to assist people navigate life complicated by behavioral health challenges as well as various other social determinants of health that create barriers in their ability to maintain positive and  fulfilling lives.

Breaking the Barriers is invested and committed to effecting positive change in the lives of members of our community, who have either been ignored, under-served, overlooked, or dismissed as incapable of meaningful change in the quality of life they live.

We have comprehensive understanding and extensive experience in direct in-person service delivery to individuals who experience behavioral health barriers, at risk for, or experiencing homelessness.

If you are a Cambria County resident and have found yourself or you know of someone in a situation that you think we can help, please, contact us at:


Our Goals

Our goal is to identify specific barriers and provide solutions through our support and experiences to obtain sustainability and focus on self-care by creating an educated community linked with appropriate resources.

Our Vision

Every person has an opportunity to reach their fullest potential and achieve their personal goals by gaining strength, knowledge, and support to succeed in all aspects of life.

And we are here to help them accomplish their goals.

Our Mission

Breaking the Barriers was created to provide support, motivation, and inspiration to empower those individuals that lack necessary resources to obtain daily living.

We will provide outreach to those individuals who suffer from mental health, addiction, housing needs, family related dynamics, budgeting management, social deficiency, lack of employment or education.

We are focused to improve community outreach by working with local and County agencies and impact the well being of individuals as we powerfully work together through unity.